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News & Policy Positions

Senate Nuclear Investigation Thumbnail

Senate Nuclear Investigation

Sen. Sean Bennett (R-Dorchester) has been tabbed to serve on a special senate committee to investigate the failure of the VC Summer Nuclear Facility. The committee has been granted the broad authority to review all aspects of the project and the chain of decisions made by the management...

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Money for Nothing  Thumbnail

Money for Nothing

Thousands of workers are out of jobs and hundreds of thousands of ratepayers, valued customers, are left to pay billions for a facility that will never provide a watt of electric power to their homes or businesses. The most overwhelming question is...

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Unbridle South Carolina's Economic Engine Thumbnail

Unbridle South Carolina's Economic Engine

Yet another trained economist has agreed with many other fiscal and economic experts to recognize that South Carolina's tax system is broken. Dr. Peter Calcagno, professor of economics and director of the Center for Public Choice & Market Process at the College of Charleston, makes the case for what I have been advocating since my arrival in the South Carolina Senate.

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Constituent Update Thumbnail

Constituent Update

The 2017 legislative session marked the first time the SC General Assembly has operated on a shorten schedule since the passage of session shortening legislation in 2016. The General Assembly now ends its legislative work nearly a moth earlier than previous sessions.

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