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Ongoing Events

In the years following the American Revolution, a purely American custom emerged as citizens gathered at taverns to drink, debate the issues, and freely criticize the government. Whether you're pleasure is beer or coffee, those traditions endure today.

In that spirit, Senator Sean Bennett has renewed this tradition by meeting regularly with constituents in casual settings to discuss the issues that affect South Carolinians.

These informal discussions, held monthly during the legislative session, will have no specific agenda, or topic (although we can't rule out a special guest from time to time). Instead, the dialog will be driven by current events and the participating public. All are invited.

Pub Politics

Coffeehouse Caucus

March 9th - 6PM -Homegrown BrewhouseMarch 8th - 8:30AM Coastal Coffee Roasters
April 27th - 6PM - Cafe CraftApril 8th - 8:30 AM - Bigby Coffee
May 11th - 6PM - CANCELLEDMay 20th - 8:30 AM - Corner House Cafe
Event PhotosEvent Photos

5th Annual Community Oyster Roast
Mark your calendar!
Thursday November 8, 2018  6:30 - 9:00 PM
Dorchester Boat Club

Upcoming Events

Sean will be speaking and/or otherwise participating in the following events.

Summerville Chamber Public Policy Committee
June 5
Charleston Chamber State Delegation Reception
June 26
Asset Integration Consultants Annual Hot Dog Cookout
July 12
Liberty Fellowship
September 6-7
Senate Republican Caucus Retreat (Tentative)
November 11-13
Rodel Fellowship
December 6-10

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