S.C. Infrastructure & Economic Development Reform Act

South Carolina’s roads are in desperate need of repair and improvement. Addressing our transportation infrastructure needs is the most critical issue facing our state over the next 50 years.

After passing significant reforms in 2016 which streamlined accountability within the SCDOT to allow the governor appointment and removal powers of all commissioners, ensures all projects are subject to priority rankings, and moved internal audit functions to the state auditor’s office, among others, it is time to turn our attention to a dedicated funding plan to once and for all, fix our roads.

What it does

  • Dedicates funding to the SC Highway Fund which can only be used on roads and bridges
  • Builds on SCDOT governance reforms that were passed in 2016
  • Ensures the burden of costs to improve roadways is shared by out-of-state drivers
  • Substantial improvements to SC tax policy, where most uncompetative
  • Reduces income tax rates for ALL South Carolina income tax payers
  • Provides additional income tax savings for lower and middle-income earners
  • Reduces business taxes for companies to expand and create jobs in South Carolina
  • Controls the growth of government by limiting general fund tax collections
  • Creates an environment of economic growth, prosperity, & opportunity
  • Incentivizes work and promotes self-worth
  • Allows South Carolinians to keep more of their hard-earned money
  • Provides an opportunity to recover $2 billion in existing debt service payments

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