Income Disclosure

??????????????????In an effort to shed light on potential conflicts of interest, South Carolina law requires all elected officials to file a Statement of Economic Interest in order to disclose income received from state government sources.  Disclosure of private income however is currently not required.

I am currently working to strengthen our outdated state ethics laws.  One objective is to require private income disclosures as part of the current Statement of Economic Interest form.  This move would provide for a centralized, non-partisan, location for all financial disclosures making it easy for citizens to evaluate elected officials.  Until that occurs, I am happy to voluntarily share with you the sources of my private income.

I am the sole shareholder and President of Asset Integration Consultants, Inc., a wealth management firm in Summerville, SC.  I have held this position since 1995.  Income I receive is solely the result of this activity and is a combination of salary and dividend income.  Neither my company nor I maintain any contracts to provide services to any government entities.

For my governmental activities, you may find my regularly filed Statement of Economic Interest here.

If you have further questions I invite you to contact me directly.


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