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sean cares about

The Issues That Affect Us All

Opportunity for all begins with a strong economy.

  Jobs & Economic Development | Senator Sean M. Bennett If done right, District 38 has the opportunity to play a central role in the economic success of the Charleston region and the entire state of South Carolina. Recent economic development successes such as Boeing, Volvo, The Clemson Restoration Institute’s Wind Turbine Testing Facility, Port of Charleston enhancements and our unmatched natural resources, makes this region an attractive location.

However, there is much work that needs to be done to capitalize on our recent successes. Continuing the errors made to this point could just as easy result in falling further behind in today’s global economy.  It will take people with knowledge and experience. We can not risk maintaining the status quo.  We must strive to provide opportunity for all citizens to grow and prosper. We must ensure that we foster an environment where the free market can allow business and entrepreneurs to thrive. This begins with quality education, faster permitting, fewer regulations, and a competitive tax structure.  We can not fail.

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