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The Issues That Affect Us All

South Carolina's tax system is broken. 

  Taxes | Senator Sean M. Bennett South Carolina requires a complete overhaul of the state’s tax code.  A comprehensive tax reform process should result in a tax structure that is fair and equitable to all citizens.  The tax system should also ensure that our businesses and industry can compete in today’s global economy by being predictable and stable through all economic cycles.  To further aid in a responsible fiscal policy, the state budget should always be balanced and a spending cap should be established. Government should be guided by the principle of fiscal responsibility at all times with constant recognition that revenue of the state is money that belongs to the citizens.

The regulations should be considered only to protect the consumer where health and welfare are potentially jeopardized. Regulations should not be used to tilt the playing field to the benefit of one special interest group. Free market principles are the best way to ensure opportunity.

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