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Rule of Law & Equal Justice Under the Law

Fiscal Responsibility & Inter-generational Wealth

A strong and effective public education system is essential in order to advance South Carolinian’s and make them competitive in today’s global workforce.  Additionally, the public education system should be complemented by an equally strong and robust private and charter school system so as to ensure the next generation of South Carolinian’s can succeed int he global workforce.  Ever increasing funding is not the solution to ineffective schools.  However, current education funding inequalities need to be addressed and corrected so that state funds are better distributed and placed where the most effective.

Jobs & Economic Development
If done right, District 38 has the opportunity to play a central role in the economic success of the Charleston region and the entire state of South Carolina. Recent economic developments such as Boeing, The Clemson Restoration Institute’s Wind Turbine Testing Facility, Port of Charleston enhancements and our unmatched natural resources, makes this region an attractive location.  However, there is much work that needs to be done to capitalize on our recent successes. Continuing the errors made to this point could just as easy result in falling further behind in today’s global economy.  It will take people with knowledge and experience. We can not risk maintaining the status quo.  We must strive to provide opportunity for all citizens to grow and prosper. We must ensure that we foster an environment where the free market can allow business and entrepreneurs to thrive. This begins with quality education, faster permitting, fewer regulations, and a competitive tax structure.  We can not fail.

Transportation Infrastructure
For decades, South Carolina has been a donor state when it comes to federal motor fuel taxes and highway funds. More of the taxes we pay are sent to other states than what comes back for use on our own local road and infrastructure needs.  The SC Senate needs to lead the way to end South Carolina’s role as a donor state and ensure that our funds are returned to our state for our use.  Revenue surpluses should be dedicated to the state Highway Fund.  The State infrastructure Bank should be adequately funded and the formula used to grade, prioritize, and ultimately award project funding should be altered so as to provide a greater weighting to projects that would increase local economic development opportunities.

Taxes & Government Spending
SC requires a complete overhaul of the state’s tax code.  A comprehensive tax reform process should result in a tax structure that is fair and equitable to all citizens.  The tax system should also ensure that our businesses and industry can complete in today’s global economy by being predictable and stable through all economic cycles.  To further aid in a responsible fiscal policy, the state budget should always be balanced and a spending cap should be established. Government should be guided by the principle of fiscal responsibility at all times with constant recognition that revenue of the state is money that belongs to the citizens.

South Carolina deserves representatives who put the people’s interests above their own.  There is no place in society where elected officials benefit from opportunities and resources not available to every citizen.  Leaders should be principled yet capable of working with others to build consensus in order to accomplish the people’s work.  Our goal should always be to guide others to success. To ensure that everyone performs at their best, doing the work we are all pledged to do and doing it to the very best of our ability.

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