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News & Policy Positions

Masked Hysteria Thumbnail

Masked Hysteria

Beyond caring for our sick, the most important things that we can do right now is to 1) ensure our children can safely return to the school of their parents’ choice for face to face instruction, and 2) ensure that our free market economy fully reopens and jobs are restored. The best and most non-intrusive way to accomplish this is

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What Are You Doing For African Americans? Thumbnail

What Are You Doing For African Americans?

Many, who either believe the violence is justified, or are willing to overlook it as simply a distraction to the larger issue, challenged me. “What then are you doing to improve things?” “Can we expect more than empty words?” These were a few questions posed to me on social media (because people don’t actually talk with people anymore). Many went further, accusing me of racism.

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Freedom Within Pandemic Thumbnail

Freedom Within Pandemic

Now comes the hard part. The part that has been difficult to reconcile since the signing of our founding documents. In this case, how do you maintain freedoms while ensuring the public health? Both responsibilities of government.

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