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Week In Review Thumbnail

Week In Review

Bills That Have Passed the Senate

S.966 / S.865  – Congressional Reapportionment: A bill to establish election districts from which members of the seven South Carolina Congressional districts are elected. The bill repeals the previously set line to conform with the data released under the 2020 Federal Decennial Census to meet Constitutional “one-person, one-vote” rule. The Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires an honest and good faith effort to construct legislative districts as nearly of an equal population as possible. The Judiciary Reapportionment Committee adopted criteria to consider including - but not limited to - making districts compact, respecting political subdivision boundaries, preserving the core of prior districts, avoiding contests between incumbent representatives, and adhering to population deviations of no greater than one person. The Senate adopted amended the bill to reflect “House Congressional Plan 2 Senate Amendment 1.” An interactive map of the districts sent back to the House of Representatives for consideration is available here: https://scsenate.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=d665cd0a95014301befca1b001bc9eac. Additional information on reapportionment and redistricting is available at the SC Senate Redistricting Portal online here: https://redistricting.scsenate.gov/.

S.403 – Competitive-Style Go-Karts: A bill to provide exceptions to the South Carolina Amusement Rides Safety code for amusement-style and competitive-style go-karts. The bill reduces the age that a person may operate a competitive-style concession go-kart to twelve years and above, provided that persons under the age of eighteen have parental consent, and require signage related to competitive-style go-karts. Any person who operates a competitive-style go-kart who does not possess a driver’s license must complete a training session prior to its operation.

Bills Given Second Reading

S.290 – Certificate of Need: A bill to repeal references to the Certificate of Need (CON) Requirements in the Code for the regulation of health care facilities in the state. The CON requires a licensure or certificate to be received prior to expansion, investment, construction of health care facilities or expansion under certain circumstances. As approved at Second Reading, the bill fully repeals the Certificate of Need requirements, but provides an exemption for long-term care facilities. Additionally, the Medical University of South Carolina, prior to obtaining a CON shall submit details of the proposed acquisition for review of the Joint Bond Review Committee and receive approval by the Fiscal Accountability Authority.