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Week In Review Thumbnail

Week In Review

Bills That Have Passed the Senate

S.160 – Surplus Property: A bill to require the Midland Technical College Enterprise Campus Authority to file certain documents with the State Fiscal Accountability Authority related to disposal of surplus property, to permanently authorize the act and repeal the sunset.

S.221 – Extended Foster Care Program: A bill to extend foster care for persons eighteen to twenty-one years old, extends the foster care program for voluntary placement, The bill provides for court-ordered foster care placement after the age of eighteen, and provides for judicial review for administrative appeals.

S.222 - Kinship Foster Care Program: A bill to provide that fictive kin - an individual not related by birth, adoption, or marriage to a child but has an emotionally significant relationship with the child - is eligible to be foster parents under the kinship foster care program under certain circumstances.

S.441 – DSS Investigations: A bill to provide investigations of abuse in qualified residential treatment programs, restrictions on foster care or adoption placements, and make other review requirements.

S.515 - Orangeburg County School Board Attendance Zones.

Bills Given Second Reading

S.147 – COVID-19 Liability Immunity Act: A bill to provide liability protections for a limited time period for healthcare providers and businesses that follow public health guidance in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency. The immunity from liability will not apply if a claimant proves by clear and convincing evidence that the covered entity or individual caused injury or damage by reckless, willful or intentional misconduct or by failing to make any attempt to adhere to public health guidance.

S.203 – Removal of School District Trustees: A bill to provide district trustees guilty of malfeasance, misfeasance, incompetency, absenteeism, conflicts of interest, misconduct, or persistent neglect of duty in office or incapacity shall be subject to removal by the Governor.

S.421 – Extended Unemployment Security Benefits Lookback: A bill to reduce the lookback period, relating to extended unemployment security benefits when federally funded, from three years to two years when determining whether there is an ‘on’ indicator for the state.

S.468 – Extended Benefit Periods: A joint resolution to provide that in a determination of whether the State is in an extended benefit period from Nov 1, 2020 - December 1, 2021, the stipulation that no extended benefit may begin before the fourteenth week following the end of a prior extended benefit period, shall not apply.

S.491 –Economic Development Bonds: A bill to issue up to $550,000,000 in economic development bonds to defray the cost of intermodal container transfer infrastructure, waterborne cargo infrastructure for the Port of Charleston. The State Fiscal Accountability Authority shall effect the bonds and provide a schedule reflecting the aggregate principal and interest of all obligation bonds, a schedule of the proposed bonds issued, and a schedule reflecting compliance with the limitation on maximum annual debt service, and additional provisions.

This Week In Committee

Medical Affairs Committee

S.427 – Renal Dialysis Facilities: A bill to provide that a renal drug manufacturer or its agent may deliver a legend dialystate drug or device to a patient of a renal dialysis facility if certain criteria are met: if the dialystate drugs or device are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration; the drugs or devices are lawfully held by a manufacturer that is properly registered; they are in the original sealed and labeled packaging from the facility; they are only delivered upon receipt of a physician’s order; and they are delivered directly to a patient with end-stage renal disease or his designee.

S.431 –Regional Tertiary Level Development Evaluation Centers: A bill to update the names of those authorized for activity related to the regional tertiary level development evaluation centers, to insert Prisma Health - University of South Carolina Medical Group, and Prisma Health - University Medical Group.

S.525 –Advanced Recycling: A bill to establish practices, procedures and definitions for the practice of advanced recycling and advanced recycling facilities.

Fish, Game and Forestry Committee

S.36 – Blue Catfish: A bill relating to the catch limits and length limits in Lake Marion, Lake Moultrie, the upper reach of Santee River, and the Congaree and Wateree Rivers. It is unlawful to take more than twenty-five blue catfish a day in Lake Marion, Lake Moultrie, and the upper reach of Santee River; and more than two blue catfish greater than thirty-two inches in length in one day.

S.457 –Personal Watercraft and Boating Safety: A bill to prohibit operating a personal watercraft, specialty propcraft or vessel while on the waters of Lake Wylie in excess of idle speed within 150 feet of a moored or anchored vessel, wharf, dock, bulkhead, pier, or person in the water; or operate while in a narrow waterway in excess of idle speed.

S.497 – Boating Safety and Educational Program: A bill to require to Department of National Resources to issue a boating safety certificate upon the competition of certain requirements, relating to the equipment and operation of watercraft to provide that it is unlawful for a person to operate certain watercraft on the waters of the State without having possession of a SC boating safety certificate, and other provisions.

Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee

S.227 – Massage Therapy Practice Act: A bill to update the Massage Therapy Practice Act and create the Board of Massage Therapy in place of the Panel for Massage/Bodywork. The bill makes changes that would strengthen the massage therapy law and help combat human trafficking in South Carolina.  New fees were instituted for establishments and various fees were increased and decreased.

The information provided in this review is not intended to represent Senator Bennett's approval or disapproval but rather a listing of the activity and outcomes within the South Carolina Senate. You may find Senator Bennett's voting record here.