Society today allows for the devaluation of life. Through the acceptance of abortion as a form of birth control, gun violence, domestic violence, joblessness, human inequalities, we can see the results of the breakdown in the family. Unfortunately, the issues around family quickly become divisive within the public debate.

For now, let’s focus on policies that ensure children have what most of us take for granted, a foundation of family. South Carolina should ensure three very basic objectives.

  • We must support the efforts of organizations that provide for the care and safety of unwed mothers and mothers in need.
  • We must make it possible for those with safe, loving, homes who are willing to serve as foster parents, to do so without burdensome regulation and bureaucratic obstacles.
  • We must make it possible for those wishing to adopt children into safe, loving homes are able to do so easily, while maintaining appropriate protections of parental rights.

We could fill thousands of pages with social policy research and ideas. Let’s start by giving the family a fighting chance.