Transportation Infrastructure

For decades, South Carolina has been a donor state when it comes to federal motor fuel taxes and highway funds. More of the taxes we pay are sent to other states than what comes back for use on our own local road and infrastructure needs.  The SC Senate needs to lead the way to end South Carolina’s role as a donor state and ensure that our funds are returned to our state for our use.  Revenue surpluses should be dedicated to the state Highway Fund.  The State infrastructure Bank should be adequately funded and the formula used to grade, prioritize, and ultimately award project funding should be altered so as to provide a greater weighting to projects that would relieve congestion and increase local economic development opportunities.

A Fair & Efficient Roads Plan Should

  • Dedicate funding to the SC Highway Fund which can only be used on roads and bridges
  • Build on SCDOT governance reforms that were passed in 2016
  • Ensure the burden of costs to improve roadways is shared by out-of-state drivers
  • Make substantial improvements to SC tax policy, where most uncompetative, incentivize work, promote self-worth, all while allowing South Carolinians to keep more of their hard-earned money
  • Reduce income tax rates for ALL South Carolina income tax payers
  • Provide additional income tax savings for lower and middle-income earners
  • Reduce business taxes for companies to expand and create jobs in South Carolina
  • Control the growth of government by limiting general fund tax collections
  • Create an environment of economic growth, prosperity, & opportunity
  • Provide an opportunity to recover $2 billion in existing debt service payments inappropriately used to address road funding problems in the past.

We can do all of these things if we are committed.