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The Solutions Agenda

  Education | Senator Sean M. Bennett

Every student deserves access to quality education

A strong and effective public education system is essential in order to advance South Carolinians and make them competitive in today’s global workforce.  Additionally, the public education system should be complemented by an equally strong and robust private, parochial, home, and charter school system so as to ensure the next generation of South Carolinian’s can access knowledge best suited for their individual and family needs.

Ever increasing funding is not the solution to ineffective schools.  However, current education funding inequalities need to be addressed and corrected so that state funds are better distributed and placed where the most effective. We must remove the financial handcuffs placed on our schools by programmatic funding. Instead we should provide flexibility for our schools to use funds where they can best improve student access and performance.

Technology must be utilized to ensure that quality education is delivered to rural communities. In a world where surgeries can be preformed remotely from across the globe, there is no reason why world class teachers can not provide lessons in rural schools. 

We must also recognize that the jobs of tomorrow are often accessed through non-traditional degree and certificate programs. Therefore the SC technical college system is well positioned to serve these industries and the workforce they need. Our commitment to higher education begins here.